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Software Development Architect/ Lead (Role ID : RD 33)


This is a leadership position to drive development/deployment and operations of all the software technology components of our business. Initially expected to build and manage a full stack charging point platform. Our technology stack is expected to include the following:

·         Full stack charging point solution 

·         Backend 

·         Mobile Apps

·         Databases

·         Websites

·         Design Tools

·         IT systems for Business Operations

Should be a dynamic individual who loves a challenge and is not afraid to get down to code himself, especially initially. Should have a working knowledge or the ability and intent to work/ manage outcomes on the following:

·         EV Charger IoT - Google Cloud Platform, Particle, ThingWorx, Amazon AWS IoT Core

·         Charger management interface - WebSocket, SOAP, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP

·         Communication - OCPP, OCPI & BLE

·         Full stack / System level Framework based languages - JavaScript with Angular or React, Java (Spring + Hibernate), J2SE

·         Frontend App with dynamic configurable UI/UX Design

·         REST API

·         Backend System and Databases - MongoDB, SQL, Web Storage & Scaling

·         Backend language - Node.js/Java

·         Website -  HTML (DHTML, XHTML), Bootstrap, jQuery, CSS3, Angular-JS

·         Repositories like Git with CI/CD pipeline and DevOps

·         Dynamic integration with multiple payment gateways

·         Project Management

·         System Integration

·         Application Development


This will be a full-time employment with salary commensurate with experience and industry standards including company ESOPs.

Location is not a constraint but your ability to operate in a start-up is vital.

Minimum Requirments

Minimum 5 years’ experience

Full stack development experience

Git -Experience with CI/CD pipeline and knowledge of DevOps

Location Not a constraint